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About Us


What is GameStreet.ca?

GameStreet.ca is the only destination you need for video games, movies, electronics and accessories. It's a pleasant romp through a field in a buzzing, digital media paradise. It's an online store with heart, presence and purpose.

But most importantly - It's secure, it's fast, and user friendly. Behind the scenes are honest, hardworking individuals, who believe that good business should be transparent, ethical, and uncomplicated. We ensure that you receive the best service possible, while enjoying the best of what internet shopping has to offer:

  • The latest security measures, so you can buy with confidence.
  • Incredible search functionality. 
  • An exceptional, toll-free support staff. 
  • Reliable products and an impressive return policy.
  • Easily tracked orders and Same-day shipping. 


Customer Service is our Focus

Customer service is always our first priority and we owe it all to our staff. GameStreet.ca is led by a knowledgeable and motivated team who has turned their passion into their business. We work hard. We laugh often. 

With priorities that extend far beyond that of selling goods, our team is forever on the hunt for new ways to improve our business.  You can ensure that all of your purchases are safe well after they reach your front door with a hassle-free GameStreet Power Warranty. You can reach us at any time by e-mail support [at] gamestreet.ca. We’re here to answer all of your questions, concerns, compliments and complaints. You can even call in to tell us how your day is going. 

At GameStreet, we have the privilege of working with you to create an environment that keeps you engaged, informed - and most importantly - happy. 


Our Passion

Gamers. Movie watchers. Audio and video aficionados. 

We've always been at the forefront of understanding and appreciating entertainment. Whether it be playing the classics on our (now not-so) shiny, new 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems, or setting up new speakers for another late-night viewing of our favorite flick.  We've been treated to a plethora of incredible content - and as the years have gone by, we've matured, our tastes refined, and our expectations heightened to new levels.

We've moved out of our parent's basements.

Within these transitions, we’ve moved into the mainstream. We have a passion that is unparalleled; whether it be a competitive fire that can't be put out, a soundtrack that makes your ears beg for more, or a story you can't help but hear just One. More. Time. 

At GameStreet.ca, not only do we understand, but we share that passion.

We come from a culture that's not only still around, but stronger than ever. This keeps us motivated and determined to deliver the best products accompanied by the best customer service possible.


Our Goal

Every member of the GameStreet.ca team is passionate about all forms of digital medium. We might not share the same taste, but that's the beauty of it; there's something for everyone. 

We're enthusiastic about all aspects of our career, and we want to share that with you. This has made our goal crystal clear from the beginning - and for the past two years, we've created and maintained the exact kind of environment we, ourselves, would like to shop in. We treat our customers the way we would want to feel throughout every experience, and we add a little personal touch with every transaction, completely free of charge.  

We have a concentrated focus on customers; an emphasis on support and product reliability. And we think you’ll like what we have to offer.